The Opening of the Summer Season Mamaia 2013

Prezentare Deschiderea Sezonului Estival Mamaia 2013 pe

The official opening of the 2013 summer season took place in the Club Ego, from Mamaia, in the presence of mayor Radu Mazare, singer Loredana, hotel owners and partners. The opening featured parades, fashion shows, concerts, parties and contests. These are only some of the events that are being prepared for the tourists.
The celebrations in honour of the 1st of May began with the Parade of the Romanian Riviera, organised by the Romanian Riviera – Delta Danube Association, which crossed the entire Romanian riviera, from Mangalia to Mamaia.
The events from Mamaia have started near the Casino Plaza, with a Greek music flashmob, which was the open act for the "Multiethnic Dobruja" show. The show consisted in a series of Dobrujan traditional manifestations, dances and gastronomic demonstrations. The members of the Retro Club were present with their vintage cars, alongside with the motorcyclists from Sea Wolves.

Place of event: Unknown. Call to ask.

Date and time: 1 May 2013 00:00 until 30 November -1 00:00

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